Law Enforcement

Diabetes needs do not stop when you are stopped by the police or are jailed.  But people with diabetes sometimes are not treated properly because of ignorance and lack of training. This can cause serious injury or even death. 

The Association works with law enforcement agencies, arrestees and prisoners, lawyers, and health care professionals for the day when all officers receive quality diabetes awareness training. We also fight for the rights of all people with diabetes.

Know Your Rights

Learn how to help officers assist you in moments of crisis. If you are (or your loved one is) in jail or prison, we can help you learn to advocate for proper medical care and assert your rights.

Law Enforcement Training

We help law enforcement agencies provide diabetes training to their officers. We provide many free tools, and we are available to speak with individual agencies.

Law Enforcement Resources for Lawyers

Whether you have a question about the science of diabetes, need help with research, or want to connect with expert attorneys, we can help with civil rights cases involving people with diabetes.