Law Enforcement Training

Law enforcement officers recognize the scope of the diabetes epidemic in the communities they serve, and the danger of responding incorrectly to people with diabetes. However, when given the tools, training, and resources to identify diabetes emergencies and to provide appropriate diabetes care to individuals in their custody, officers can be confident in their ability to serve and protect people with diabetes. To that end, the American Diabetes Association has developed several resources to help law enforcement agencies train their officers on diabetes.

If you are a law enforcement officer and would like more specific information about diabetes awareness training, including how you can set one up with your department, please contact fill out the Request Law Enforcement Training Form or contact us at

Training Resources

Helping First Responders Spot Lows
Learn about how law enforcement agencies and Association volunteers are working together across the country to train officers to distinguish hypoglycemia from intoxication and how you can get involved.

Philadelphia Police Department "Assist Officer" (PDF)
The Association helped the Philadelphia Police Department update a quick reference guide about diabetes for law enforcement officers. It is a valuable tool for law enforcement officers throughout the country.

Diabetes Is Serious: It Can Be Life Threatening (PDF)
This poster was originally created with the help of the Philadelphia Police Department, where it hangs in each precinct. It can be downloaded and printed, or a large poster can be ordered, free of charge except for shipping, at

Treating Diabetes Emergencies
This 20-minute video, produced by the Philadelphia Police Department and the American Diabetes Association helps officers identify potential diabetes emergencies and respond quickly and effectively. It may be watched in its entirety on YouTube or ordered, free of charge except for shipping, at

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