School Discrimination

Children with diabetes sometimes face problems in obtaining the care they need in schools and day care centers.

It's important to understand the legal protections available to you so you can be an effective advocate for your child.

Safe at School

Learn more about the Association's efforts to end diabetes school discrimination through our Safe at School campaign.

Training Resources

Once you are familiar with the laws that protect your child from discrimination, you'll want to know what training resources are available to help you secure diabetes care at school, and how to create written care plans that will help everyone involved with your child's care understand diabetes and their own responsibilities.

Special Considerations

Do you have concerns about other issues, such as school lunches, standardized tests, or post-secondary education?

Learn more about these issues and other special considerations in diabetes care at school.

Resolving Challenges in School

Do you want tips on how to advocate for your child and utilize the Association's four-step approach to ending discrimination though education, negotiation, litigation and legislation?

Read more about resolving challenges in school and learn how you can get help from the Association with a school discrimination problem.

  • Last Reviewed: October 10, 2013
  • Last Edited: August 19, 2014