Correctional Institutions Materials for Lawyers

The American Diabetes Association's Position Statement on Diabetes Management in Correctional Institutions (PDF)
(Diabetes Care, Volume 37, Supplement 1, January 2014)
The Association's position statement outlines what constitutes adequate medical care for inmates in prisons and jails.

Claims Related to Medical Care for Prisoners with Diabetes (PDF)
(Benjamin Eisenberg, JD; Victoria Thomas, JD) (April 2015)
This document discusses possible legal claims related to the inadequate medical treatment provided to inmates with diabetes in correctional facilities, including claims under the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Rosen v. City of Philadelphia
Class action lawsuit concerning the mistreatment of people with diabetes in police custody who became seriously ill when they were denied needed food and medication. The approved settlement agreement sets out model procedures to ensure people with diabetes maintain access to food, medication, and medical personnel while they are in police custody. The agreement also established a means to train police personnel about the medical needs of people with diabetes.

Diabetes and Criminal Defense Strategies (PDF)
Alana S. Tokayer, Director, Legal Advocacy, Government Affairs and Advocacy (March 2017)
A resource aimed to provide a starting point for criminal defense attorneys when thinking about whether and how to incorporate a criminal defendant’s diabetes into his or her defense.

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