Public Accommodations Materials for Lawyers

Department of Justice ADA Resources

The U.S. Department of Justice is responsible for issuing regulations enforcing Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodations such as stores, restaurants, day care centers, and other places of public accommodations. Visit the DOJ ’s ADA Home Page to find the statutory text, regulations, fact sheets and other resources.

Day Care

The Department of Justice has entered into several settlement agreements addressing the obligations of day care providers to perform diabetes care tasks for children.

E.M. v. Town Sports International

The Department of Justice sued a Massachusetts day camp run by a sports club after it excluded a six year old child because of her type 1 diabetes. The parties reached a settlement which require d the camp to individually review applications of campers with diabetes and to make appropriate diabetes care accommodations, including supervising campers while they monitor blood glucose levels or perform other diabetes care tasks.

U.S. v. KinderCare/La Petite Academy

Department of Justice filed suit against two national day care providers after they refused to enroll children with diabetes. These cases settled, with both providers agreeing to enroll children with diabetes and to provide diabetes care services such as blood glucose monitoring.

Stadiums and Concert Facilities

United States v. SFX Entertainment Inc.

Lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice alleged that one of the largest operators of concert venues in the country had a policy barring individuals with diabetes from having access to their blood glucose monitoring equipment and insulin inside the concert venue. The case was settled with an agreement by SFX to alter its diabetes-related policies.

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