Training Resources

In addition to the documents and litigation materials available on this site, the Association has conducted a number of training programs designed to educate attorneys about diabetes discrimination law and the Association's efforts. The following training program materials and webinars are available online.


Fighting for Fairness 

Read more about our efforts to end discrimination in the workplace, in schools, in correctional institutions, and in public places.

Are you handling a diabetes discrimination case? Check out our bank of attorney materials for case information, briefs, pleadings, sample complaints, papers and other helpful information.

Are you interested in joining the fight to end discrimination against people with diabetes? Learn about opportunities to help through our Advocacy Attorney Network.

Read about current legal advocacy issues and hot topics in our newsletter.

Are you facing discrimination because of your diabetes? Learn how to get help from the American Diabetes Association.




  • Last Reviewed: March 17, 2010
  • Last Edited: July 19, 2016