Advanced School Advocacy Training Program

Ensuring that children with diabetes are safe at school and have the opportunity to excel requires more than just wishing and hoping. It requires advocacy — people focused on making sure that students with diabetes are treated fairly in school and that their diabetes needs are safely met.

As part of our mission, the Association, through our Safe at School campaign, works to give a voice to students denied their rights because of diabetes. With expert staff support, volunteers in local communities throughout the United States who complete the Advanced School Advocacy Training Program (ASAT) program are able to enhance the Association’s ability to expand its capacity to help parents/guardian's of children with diabetes across the country.

ASAT Empowers

ASAT empowers and prepares volunteers to educate parents/guardians and others about the rights of their children to receive diabetes care in the school setting, pro-active steps parents/guardians should take to make sure their children are treated fairly and how to assist parents confronting school-related challenges facing their children who have diabetes.

Volunteers learn about relevant federal and state laws, key school diabetes care challenges, strategies for resolution and Safe at School resources and tools.

Program Goals

ASAT's main goal is to expand the Association’s ability to ensure that students with diabetes are medically safe at school and have the same educational opportunities as their peers.

In small, interactive one or two-day workshops, Association advanced school advocates are trained to:

  • Facilitate Safe at School Workshops for parents/guardians of school aged children with diabetes
  • Educate others to stand up for and prevent the unfair treatment of affected children
  • Interact with school personnel to begin to forge relationships that will help achieve goals
  • Prepare for Section 504 and IEP Team Meetings
  • Impact other Association advocacy efforts

Meet the Association's Advanced School Advocates

Information on the Association's Safe at School campaign

Information on unfair treatment due to diabetes

Many dedicated attorneys and health care professionals help the Association's legal advocacy efforts. Learn more:

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