Child Care Victory in California

While the school-age children with diabetes continue to struggle (as discussed above), the youngest California kids with diabetes are now in a better situation thanks to a ground-breaking settlement just announced by the United States Department of Justice.

Ralls family

The American Diabetes Association helped Tanya and Chaun Ralls file a complaint under federal civil rights laws when a day care chain refused to provide diabetes care to their child. After an investigation by the Department of Justice, the provider agreed to apply with the state child care licensing agency for permission to administer insulin and glucagon to children with diabetes who enroll in its program, and to administer the medication once the permission is granted under the agency’s waiver program. The Ralls stated: "Our decision to pursue this was based on principle and simply doing the right thing: to make sure that ALL kids receive the same experience, whether or not they have diabetes, while in a child care environment. It's wonderful knowing that through dedicated effort, with support from both the Department of Justice and the American Diabetes Association, great things can happen."