Louisiana State Advocacy Chair Helps Champion Senate Bill 759

Louisiana Senate Bill 759                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          On June 15, 2012, Louisiana Senate Bill 759, which authorizes employees to volunteer and be trained to help children with diabetes in school, was signed into law. Now Louisiana’s children who have diabetes can be Safe at School! In the state of Louisiana, Senate Bill (SB) 759 - signed into law on June 15, 2012, was a major achievement for the Safe at School (SAS) campaign. The bill, hard-fought and a long time-coming, authorizes school employees to volunteer and be trained to help children with diabetes in school. These volunteers may now administer insulin and glucagon to help control children’s glucose levels. The bill also allows children who are able to do so to self-manage their diabetes when at school.

Eloise Keene, Association Advocacy Chair for the state of Louisiana, helped achieve this success.
The American Diabetes Association is fortunate to have a wonderful State Advocacy Chair in Louisiana – Eloise Keene. State Advocacy Chairs are volunteers who help organize others in fighting for fair treatment of everyone who has diabetes – at school, at work and in other public places. For the Safe at School project, Eloise helped champion the SAS bill. Her work included organizing parents of children with diabetes, who told their stories and helped legislators understand what it’s like to have children in school who are at risk on a daily basis and without all of the same opportunities as their peers. “I am so grateful for all the work Eloise did on behalf of SB 759. Since she has first-hand knowledge of the problems kids with diabetes were facing in some of the Louisiana schools, she could articulate the issue clearly and convincingly to legislators. It was a key component of our success,” says Veronica De La Garza | American Diabetes Association Advocacy Director.

Eloise has been the Louisiana Advocacy Chair for a number of years and has applied enthusiasm and a hard work ethic to everything. Among other activities, Eloise makes sure that advocacy is always incorporated into Louisiana events and her efforts have helped secure many new Association volunteers. "Eloise is involved with every aspect of our efforts in the state, and I am proud to work with her on this and many other issues that we face,"  John Guzzardo, Association Executive Director/Louisiana & Southern Mississippi.

Eloise and others involved with championing SB 759 helped achieve a major victory. Per Louisiana State Senator Ben Nevers, ”this legislation is an important advancement in ensuring the health care needs of all of our students are met. Moving forward, no child in Louisiana will lack the support needed to manage their diabetes and their health, allowing all of our students to be medically safe at school.”

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