Position Statements and Resources for Care at School

The following resources can be helpful for parents, health care providers, and school staff. Read them then share them with others who are involved in the school care planning process.

Global IDF/ISPAD Guidelines for Diabetes in Childhood and Adolescence (2011)

IDF/ISPAD guidelines for diabetes management in children and adolescents.

Position Statement of the International Diabetes Foundation (March 2005)

The International Diabetes Foundation has a position statement of the rights of children with diabetes at school.

American Diabetes Association's Position Statement on Care of Young Children With Diabetes in the Child Care Setting (2014)

The Association's official point of view on the appropriate medical treatment and services for child care age children with diabetes. 

American Diabetes Association's Position Statement on Diabetes Care in the School and Day Care Setting

The Association's official point of view on the appropriate medical treatment and services for students with diabetes.

Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel

Help educate school personnel about diabetes. Share a set of practices that enables schools to ensure a safe learning environment for students with diabetes. A copy of the guide may be ordered by using the NDEP school guide order form.

American Association of Diabetes Educators Position Statement on the Management of Children with Diabetes in the School Setting

AADE's Safe at School Position Statement

Ensuring the Best In-School Care for Children with Diabetes

American Medical Association's Report 4 of the Council on Science and Public Health.

American Academy of Pediatrics' Guidelines for the Administration of Medications in School

AAP's policy statement of the administration of medication at school.

Students with Chronic Illnesses: Guidance for Families, Schools, and Students

A brief outline of general responsibilities for families, students, school districts, and schools regarding the management of chronic illness at school.

Children with Diabetes

Brochure with general information about care of children with diabetes for school personnel and child care providers.

Helping Students with Diabetes Thrive in School

An article by Paula L. Jameson ARNP MSN CDE, On the Cutting Edge, Summer 2006 newsletter of the American Dietetic Association. (PDF)
This article reviewed the common challenges faced by students with diabetes and offers solutions to overcome these challenges.

Helping Your Child Manage Diabetes at School

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Key tips for preparing your child with diabetes to go back to school.

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