Resolving Challenges

Resolving Challenges

Being an advocate for a student with diabetes is not about winning or losing. It's about working together with schools and health care professionals to ensure a safe, healthy environment so diabetes doesn't get in the way of learning and participation.

When misunderstandings or disagreements arise, parents need to carefully evaluate the situation and consider these strategies: education, negotiation, litigation, and legislation.

A Common Goal: Safe At School

Parents and schools have the same goal: to ensure that students with diabetes are safe at school and that both health and learning are fully supported.


Education can go a long way in preventing or eliminating challenges to diabetes care at school.


Effective advocates work to understand the concerns of school personnel and negotiate toward an agreement suitable to everyone involved.

Explore: Resolving Challenges

  • Litigate

    Litigation can be an effective way to defend rights when the law is clearly and willfully being violated.

  • Legislate

    When existing laws and policies fail to provide adequate protection, work to change the laws or policies that lead to discrimination.