Safe at School Updates

Here are some examples of our Safe at School efforts.

California Supreme Court Ruling a Major Victory for Students with Diabetes

For nearly eight years, the American Diabetes Association fought in the courts to ensure that children with diabetes in California's public schools have access to the insulin they need to be safe at school. On August 12, 2013, after two lawsuits, one landmark settlement, and disappointing lower court decisions, the California Supreme Court issued a ruling that vindicates the rights of these students. The Court held that California law permits school personnel to be trained to help students by administering insulin to those students who cannot self-administer in the absence of a school nurse. Read entire story.

New Kentucky Board of Nursing Regulations

In July 2013, the Kentucky Board of Nursing voted to approve new regulations concerning the delegation of medication administration, making it clear that school nurses may delegate to other school staff the administration of insulin to Kentucky students with diabetes.

Missouri Passes Safe at School Legislation

On July 8, 2013, Missouri House Bill 675 was signed into law, with Missouri joining other states in adopting comprehensive Safe at School legislation. Read our press release.

Arizona Passes Safe at School Legislation

In April 2013, the Arizona legislature passed our Safe at School legislation, making it clear that trained, unlicensed school staff may administer insulin to students with diabetes, and clarifying who may conduct the training of school staff. Read more in our press release.

Louisiana State Advocacy Chair Helps Champion Senate Bill 759

Now Louisiana's children who have diabetes can be Safe at School! In the state of Louisiana, Senate Bill (SB) 759 - signed into law on June 15, 2012, was a major achievement for the Safe at School (SAS) campaign. The bill, hard-fought and a long time-coming, authorizes school employees to volunteer and be trained to help children with diabetes in school. These volunteers may now administer insulin and glucagon to help control children's glucose levels. The bill also allows children who are able to do so to self-manage their diabetes when at school. Read the full story.

Safe at School Legislation Signed by Connecticut Governor

Also on June 15, 2012, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed HB 5348. This bill allows school employees to volunteer to be trained to help children when they are experiencing severely low blood glucose levels by administering an injection of glucagon, a potentially life-saving hormone. It also allows students who are able to do so to self-monitor their blood glucose level. when and wherever needed, helping them to better manage their diabetes. Read Connecticut press release.

Georgia Governor Signs Safe at School Legislation

Georgia's Safe at School legislation (HB 879) was signed into law by Governor Nathan Dean on April 16, 2012. The new law allows school employees to volunteer to be trained to provide care and allows capable students to self manage their diabetes while at school. Read press release.

Advocates Achieve Safe at School Victory in Alaska

Thanks to the work of diabetes advocates the Alaska Department of Education has adopted guidelines that address self-management and allow trained school employees to provide care. Read state advocacy update.

Individual Family Advocacy Successes

The Association provides direct assistance to hundreds of families each year whose children aren’t safe at school or in child care, or who are denied equal access to program services.

Connor's mom explains how education and negotiation often resolves the problem:

Connor at Game

"Thank you for helping me with school discrimination when Connor was in kindergarten. Originally, the school's answer to all our requests was "No": No field trips unless accompanied by me. No glucose monitoring in his classroom. No designated substitute when the school nurse was out of the building. No training on low blood glucose for school bus drivers. No school plan for accommodating children with diabetes.

We called the American Diabetes Association, spoke to a Legal Advocate, and received assistance from a local Association volunteer attorney. Connor now has a 504 Plan, and the school is doing a fantastic job keeping him safe throughout the day. The school has expanded his care during after school enrichment clubs, during tech camp, and during a 5-week summer school program. We have a wonderful new nursing supervisor, and she is one of Connor's biggest advocates. I feel proud of accomplishing something for Connor and laying the framework to help other kids with diabetes."

Amy Coffey, Connor's mom

Other States

Across the country, Diabetes Advocates have worked to enact similar laws regarding diabetes care in schools as part of the Association's Safe at School campaign. Typically, these laws ensure that trained school personnel provide assistance to students with diabetes and that students who are able to do so are allowed to self-manage their disease.

Click here for information on the laws and resources for your state and for your state's Safe at School tip sheet.

Learn how you can get help from the American Diabetes Association if your child is facing challenges at school or child care.


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