Special Considerations

Special Considerations

Sometimes challenges may arise outside of the K-12 classroom context.

  • Is your child allowed to go on a field trip if you can't accompany her?
  • Can a summer camp refuse to admit your child just because he has diabetes?
  • How should a high school student prepare for the transition to college?

Parents, health care providers and schools will find the resources below helpful in the planning for specific situations and times in a student's life.

Special Considerations for Students

Many children with diabetes will have specific needs in certain situations. This section will help plan for those situations.

Back-to-School Tips

Learn how to prepare a student with diabetes to go back to school - after a new diagnosis or after a summer break.

Standardized Testing and Diabetes

Find out how you can make sure you have the accommodations you need and permission to have supplies with you during standardized testing.

Explore: Special Considerations

  • College and Beyond

    Learn about your rights in postsecondary education, in community college, universities, and professional schools.