Special Considerations for Students

Resources for Extracurricular Activities, Camps, Sports Programs and More

Office for Civil Rights Letter on Charter Schools
The US. Department of Education/ Office for Civil Rights issued a “Dear Colleague” letter stating that federal laws apply to charter schools the same as they do to other public schools.

Office for Civil Rights Guidance on Extracurricular Athletics
The Department of Education has issued guidance making it very clear that children with disabilities under Section 504, including diabetes, have equal access to participate in extracurricular athletics.

Extracurricular Activities and Field Trips
This fact sheet provides parents and guardians with the information necessary to make sure that students with diabetes can safely take part in the full range of activities and programs their school has to offer, from aftercare programs to overnight field trips to sports.

Daycare, Camps, and Recreational Programs
Resources developed by the Association regarding the rights of children with diabetes to participate in daycare, camps, and recreational programs.

Post-Secondary Education Rights and Resources
Learn about legal protections and the kinds of accommodations a student with diabetes might need beyond high school, as well as how to work with post-secondary institutions.

Religious Schools and Diabetes
This fact sheet provides parents and guardians with information necessary to keep students with diabetes safe and healthy no matter where they attend school.

STOMP Project (Specialized Training of Military Parents)
Information and help for military families of children with diabetes

Standardized Testing and Diabetes
Learn about the accommodations a student with diabetes might need within a standardized testing environment, as well as how to work with schools and testing corporations to secure approval for accommodations.

Back-to-School Tips
Whether you're new to diabetes, or facing a new school or new school year, this page provides tips on how to work as a team to create and implement a diabetes care plan in school.

Resources for Meal Planning and Dietary Management at School

USDA Guidance for Accommodating Special Dietary Needs of Children in School Nutrition Programs (PDF)
Guidelines describing factors that must be considered by food service in planning menus to serve students with disabilities.

USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory
Search for the nutritional value of foods

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