Diabetes Medical Management Plan

No two people manage their diabetes in the exact same way. Some students get their insulin using a syringe and vial, others use insulin pens, and still others have insulin pumps. Some students are in their "honeymoon" period when they temporarily need less insulin. Others begin to notice changes in the stability of their blood glucose levels as puberty sets in. Some can easily detect lows, while others don't feel lows coming on.

Some students manage their diabetes independently. But younger or newly diagnosed students may need help with all aspects of their diabetes care. For this reason, doctor's orders for school care need to be specific for student. The American Diabetes Association has partnered with the National Diabetes Education Program to create a DMMP template that can be customized for every student.

If you use one of these templates, make sure that that you modify it for the student and take out portions that do not apply to your student. The DMMP should be updated annually or whenever the child's regimen, level of self-management, or school circumstances change.

Parents/guardians are responsible for getting their child's completed and signed Diabetes Medical Management Plan (or doctor's orders) from their child's diabetes care provider. They should then give the DMMP to their child's school to implement and carry out doctor's orders. It should explain all the necessary elements of care and assistance. Some health care providers and some schools prefer to use their own forms. This is fine—the content, not the format is what matters.

Note: For children who are in childcare programs, including before and after care, the Association's Childcare Diabetes Medical Management Plan may be useful. Download the Childcare DMMP (PDF).

  • Last Reviewed: November 15, 2016
  • Last Edited: September 20, 2018

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