Family Communication

Family Communication

During the years ahead, you'll experience many of the same growing pains every parent faces as their child matures and gains independence. But you will have an additional transition to make – helping your child to manage diabetes.

Your family has its own way of communicating and working together to solve problems and face everyday challenges. After a child's diabetes diagnosis, it's more important than ever to talk with each other, even when it hurts.

Communicating with Your Child

There is a fine line between caring and nagging – between showing concern and hovering. How do you achieve the balance?

Communication Breakdowns

Conflict happens in every family. Turn conflict into learning.

Diabetes Affects Siblings Too

When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, the whole family is affected - especially siblings.

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  • Mistakes Happen

    Mistakes can make you feel guilty, scared and stressed. But try to focus on the next step.

  • Working Together as a Parental Team

    You aren't perfect – and neither is your spouse or partner. Managing diabetes is a lot like juggling – a careful balance of activity with food and medication.