Communication Breakdowns

Communication can break down. Conflicts naturally result because each family member is different: different ages, different ideas, different likes and dislikes.

Diabetes management is just another area for tension.

Conflict happens in every family. Turn conflict into learning. Remember to:

  • Cool off. Avoid hurt feelings by taking a walk or a few deep breaths before confronting someone.
  • Listen – really listen. Ask your parent, or your child or your spouse what you can do better. Listen closely and pay full attention. Then work together to reach an understanding or compromise.
  • Express yourself. Help your family understand your feelings and actions.
  • Talk it out. Sometimes the best answer is to call a family meeting. Set rules: No interrupting. No yelling. No mean words. No blame.
  • No shame. Everyone gets a turn to speak. Focus on the problem, not the people. Agree that anyone - parent or child -  can call a family meeting.
  • Go pro. One of the most effective ways to work through family frustrations is to talk with an expert. Contact your diabetes care team for a referral.
  • Last Reviewed: July 31, 2013
  • Last Edited: October 28, 2013

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