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Managing diabetes can be even harder when you are dealing with a major storm, loss of electricity, and possible evacuation from your home. During an emergency crisis, it is critical for people with diabetes to have access to the medications and testing supplies needed to maintain proper blood glucose control, and to prevent serious sudden complications such as hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

  • Be Prepared - Build a “diabetes kit” before a disaster strikes. Download the Diabetes Preparedness Plan.
  • Donate Supplies. If you have unexpired and unopened diabetes supplies, contact Insulin for Life USA for details.
  • Health Care Providers. Hotline for physicians and health care providers aware of diabetes supply shortages: 1-314-INSULIN. 
  • Open Pharmacies. Real-time updates for open pharmacies In hurricane-impacted regions find a list of open pharmacies in community.
  • Help for People with Disabilities. Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies helps people with disabilities and the elderly to safety and provide immediate needs of durable medical equipment and supplies hotline, 1-800-626-4959.
  • Find a Shelter. Live map of open shelters from the American Red Cross or 1-800-RED-CROSS

Customer Care Insulin Manufacturers

Lilly: 800-545-5979
Sanofi-Aventis: 800-633-1610
Novo Nordisk: 800-727-6500

Customer Care Insulin Pump Manufacturers

Omnipod/Insulet: 800-591-3455
Dexcom: 888-738-3646
Medtronic: 800-633-8766
Tandem Diabetes Care: 877-801-6901

Managing Insulin & Disgarding Sharps 

Health Insurance and Support Resources

General Hurricane Resources: 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Hurricane resources