About Recipes For Healthy Living

What is Recipes for Healthy Living?

The American Diabetes Association's Recipes for Healthy Living website is your link to healthy recipes and meal planning ideas. While you can find basic food and nutrition information for diabetes at www.diabetes.org/food, Recipes for Healthy Living is updated monthly with new recipes, meal plans and tips for healthy cooking. Sign up for the free Recipes for Healthy Living e-newsletter and we'll let you know each month when new recipes and other information becomes available to help make healthy eating and living with diabetes easier for you.


Why are we bringing you this additional nutrition resource?

Consumers like yourself are always asking the Association for more nutrition information — beyond the what we provide on diabetes.org.

To answer your requests for more eating advice, diabetes recipes and meal plans, we've created this website.


Now That I've Signed Up, What Do I Get?

We want you to feel like you can come to us for eating advice that is safe, practical and diabetes-friendly. Signing up means that you will receive our monthly e-newsletter linking you back the following:

  • A variety of diabetes-friendly recipes, some of which have been incorporated into a one-day diabetes meal plan.
  • Diabetes meal plans with tips on how to adjust carbohydrates and calories to better fit your needs plus a grocery list.
  • Videos from chefs and others who will show you how to prepare our recipes and other healthy foods in the kitchen.
  • A monthly article about a current nutrition topic or a seasonal health topic plus our Meal Makeover article.
  • A searchable recipe and meal plan database.

These tips and recipes are not only diabetes-friendly, but they are also healthy, delicious, and can be served to the whole family.

This online resource is your "one stop shop" for new recipes, kitchen tips, nutrition information and meal planning advice.

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