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VIDEO: Quick Meals Made with Non-Starchy Vegetables

Your Produce Man shares a few quick and tasty meal ideas that are packed with non-starchy vegetables and nutrition.

VIDEO: No-Cook Meal Ideas

Believe it or not, it's easy to prepare a healthy meal without turning on the stove. Michael Marks gives us some great no-cook meal ideas!

Use Fresh Produce in Season

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables in season will not only taste delicious but will also help you lower the cost of your grocery bill. When something is in season, it is the time of year that the crop ripens and is harvested for people to eat. Therefore, the food has their full flavor intact and is readily available.

Quick No-Cook Meals for the Summer

Summer is in full swing and the heat is rolling in! This month we will focus on meals that require little to no cooking to help you beat the summer heat and keep your kitchen cool.

Fresh Summer Seafood – Ways to Get Your Omega-3s

Summer is a great time to incorporate some delicious seafood into your diet! Whether you're on vacation eating out or buying it fresh, frozen or canned at the supermarket, fish is a great addition to any meal plan.

VIDEO: Mediterranean Flavors

What foods are part of the Mediterranean Diet? Michael Marks teaches us the basics of this popular eating pattern.

VIDEO: Zucchini/Summer Squash

Check out the many ways you can prepare and use non-starchy zucchini or yellow squash. Michael Marks will share a great idea for using them in your meals!

Food Safety - How to Know Your Seafood Is Cooked Thoroughly

It's time to grill up some delicious seafood for the summer but it's important to know the proper cooking temps. As the temperature rises so does the amount of bacteria so it’s important to cook your food safely.

Simple Food Swaps for Healthier Meals

Sometimes a simple swap is all you need to make a meal healthier when cooking at home.

VIDEO: All About Artichokes

Michael Marks gives us a crash course in fresh artichokes plus a great meal idea!

Healthy Substitutions When Eating Out

Eating out doesn't have to be a bust to a healthy meal plan. Believe it or not you can still make healthy swaps to your favorite meal.

VIDEO: Quick Meals Made with Nonstarchy Veggies

Your Produce Man shares a few quick and tasty meal ideas that are packed with non-starchy vegetables and nutrition.

VIDEO: Canned and Frozen Fruits

Canned and frozen fruits are a good alternative to fresh -- especially in the winter time. Here’s a few ways you can incorporate fruit into drinks and treats.

VIDEO: More Healthy Side Dishes for the Holidays

Festive side dish ideas to help you fill half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables.

10 Ways to Plan Healthier Holidays

The holiday season is here! This time of the year makes many of us think about festive gatherings and spending time with loved ones. It is important to remember how to manage your diabetes while you take part in the holiday fun.

Tips for Carb Counting in Tricky Situations

If you do need to count carbs, these quick tips will help guide you - especially when you eat out.

VIDEO: Back to Your Roots (beets, turnips, carrots, etc.)

Root vegetables are packed with nutrients! Find out which vegetables are considered root vegetables and how you can use them in your own kitchen!

Eating Out

The next time you eat at a restaurant read the menu carefully, and ask some questions. We have some help for you!

VIDEO: Brussels Sprouts

Give Brussels sprouts a chance - how you cook them makes all the difference! Michael Marks shares cooking tips on how to enjoy this flavorful non-starchy vegetable

Reading Food Labels

Grocery shopping can be confusing. What do the labels mean? Here's a list of some of the most common terms found on food labels and what they mean.

VIDEO: Grab-and-Go Snacks for Kids and Adults

Whether it's back to school or back to work, we all have a need for healthy grab-and-go snacks. Here are some fun, easy ideas that won't sabotage your healthy eating habits or blood glucose!

VIDEO: Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit are in season during the winter. Learn about some of Your Produce Man’s favorites. He’ll also explain why citrus is a good choice in controlled portion sizes

How to Plan a Healthy Breakfast

Eating breakfast has shown to help boost metabolism, which means your body does a better job managing your weight.

Be a Savvy Grocery Shopper

It may take some practice, but with a few tips in mind you can easily become a savvy grocery shopper.

VIDEO: No Cook Meal Ideas

No time to cook? Then don't! Check out this video for meal ideas that involves no cooking!

Eat Well on a Budget—Anywhere!

A few things to keep in mind to insure that you, your friends and family have a safe, healthy, and pleasant picnic day.

VIDEO: Picking Out the Best Berries

Summer is here, and so are the berries! Learn more on how to include them in your meals this summer.

VIDEO: Vegetables on the Grill

Burgers aren't the only things that go on the grill. So many vegetables make for great grilled dishes and will be an essential for your healthy and flavorful summer meals!

All About Protein — Myths and Facts

Are you wondering if you're getting enough protein in your diet? Research shows that Americans are already consuming more protein than they need.

VIDEO: Delicious Summer Specialty - Eggplant!

Not sure what to do with this seasonal veggie? Here are some meal ideas that showcase nonstarchy eggplant.

VIDEO: Tips for Preparing Summer Squash

Ways you can prepare and use nonstarchy zucchini or yellow squash.

Making Vegetarian and Flexitarian Part of a Diabetes Meal Plan

Have you heard of the buzz around plant-based diets? Plant foods are now going beyond the produce aisle and are readily available in most sections of the grocery store.

VIDEO: Artichokes Made Easy

Artichokes: the original edible flower, now in season! Plus, tips to select and prep a fresh artichoke.

VIDEO: Essential Tips for Asparagus

Have you heard this tip for keeping asparagus crisp in your fridge? Plus, simple ideas for cooking this spring veggie.

Eat Well on a Budget—Anywhere!

Whether you’re at a farmers market or grocery store, keep these tips to cut your food bills in mind.

20 New Ideas to Eat More Produce at Every Meal

Eat more? Yes, please! Nonstarchy vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals. And with so few calories and carbohydrate, everyone can enjoy more.

Does Your Favorite Recipe Need a Makeover?

This month, we made over lasagna, sloppy joes, mac and cheese, ramen noodles, pad thai and fried rice! Follow our tips for your favorite recipes.

VIDEO: Don’t Forget Frozen Vegetables

Here’s a tip: the frozen vegetables sold at supermarkets today are as nutritious as fresh vegetables! Plus, ideas for stir-frying and quick sides.

3 Ways to Plan Stress-Free Dinners

Set yourself up for success with strategies and stress-free meal ideas to get dinner on the table quickly with these three tips.

VIDEO: All About Spaghetti Squash

Did you know how spaghetti squash was first discovered? Plus, how to enjoy this lower-carb pasta alternative.

10 Ways to Cut Salt and Add Flavor

Most Americans need to cut back on sodium. The place to start: your kitchen! Cooking more meals means you control how much salt you add and make smart swaps with flavorful ingredients.

VIDEO: How to Add Flavor with Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are a great way to cook flavorful dishes when you’re watching sodium. Michael Marks shares tips for figuring out which fresh herbs are your favorite and adding them to foods.

Have You Made These Heart-Healthy Changes?

What have you done for your heart lately? January may be the season of New Year’s resolutions, but February is American Heart Month. It’s the perfect time to think about making smart food choices.

VIDEO: Here’s Why Nuts are Heart Healthy

Michael Marks explains why nuts have gotten a well-deserved reputation for their good fat! He shares some tips to add nuts to your cooking and keep an eye on your portions.

6 All-Natural Ingredient Swaps

These six secrets from The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook, 2nd Edition make it easy to reduce calories or improve nutrition in your meals with all-natural ingredients.

VIDEO: Should You Buy Organic Fruits and Vegetables?

Michael Marks explains the difference between organic and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables to help you decide if going organic is right for you.

10 Recipe Swaps for Cooking with Whole Foods

We're sharing ideas from our recipe collection to add more nutritious vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans to your meal plan in 2016.

What Are All-Natural and Whole Foods?

Here's our take on some common misconceptions about all-natural and whole foods, plus quick ways to add them to your meal plan.

VIDEO: Two Ways to Soak Dried Beans

Dried beans are a low-cost, nutritious option without added sodium. Michael Marks shows two ways to soak dried beans.

Tricks and Tips for Holiday Cooking and Eating

Try mindful eating to control your portions this season. We have tips for everything from appetizers and drinks to dinner and dessert.
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