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Have You Made These Heart-Healthy Changes?

What have you done for your heart lately? January may be the season of New Year’s resolutions, but February is American Heart Month. It’s the perfect time to think about making smart food choices.

VIDEO: Here’s Why Nuts are Heart Healthy

Michael Marks explains why nuts have gotten a well-deserved reputation for their good fat! He shares some tips to add nuts to your cooking and keep an eye on your portions.

10 Ways to Cut Salt and Add Flavor

Most Americans need to cut back on sodium. The place to start: your kitchen! Cooking more meals means you control how much salt you add and make smart swaps with flavorful ingredients.

VIDEO: How to Add Flavor with Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are a great way to cook flavorful dishes when you’re watching sodium. Michael Marks shares tips for figuring out which fresh herbs are your favorite and adding them to foods.

VIDEO: Two Ways to Soak Dried Beans

Dried beans are a low-cost, nutritious option without added sodium. Michael Marks shows two ways to soak dried beans.

6 All-Natural Ingredient Swaps

These six secrets from The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook, 2nd Edition make it easy to reduce calories or improve nutrition in your meals with all-natural ingredients.

10 Recipe Swaps for Cooking with Whole Foods

We're sharing ideas from our recipe collection to add more nutritious vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans to your meal plan in 2016.

VIDEO: Should You Buy Organic Fruits and Vegetables?

Michael Marks explains the difference between organic and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables to help you decide if going organic is right for you.

What Are All-Natural and Whole Foods?

Here's our take on some common misconceptions about all-natural and whole foods, plus quick ways to add them to your meal plan.

VIDEO: Holiday Desserts – Lightened Up

The best dessert choices will provide an extra serving of fruit or will include other nutritious ingredients. Michael Marks shows us how to make a delicious holiday apple tart.

VIDEO: How to Prepare Butternut Squash

Michael Marks demonstrates an easy way to select, peel, and cut butternut squash. Roast and enjoy any winter squash as a starchy side dish for fall or winter holidays.

Tricks and Tips for Holiday Cooking and Eating

Try mindful eating to control your portions this season. We have tips for everything from appetizers and drinks to dinner and dessert.

VIDEO: Healthy Holiday Side Dishes

Your Produce Man, Michael Marks, shares ideas for festive side dishes you can bring to any holiday gathering this year.

Fitting in Holiday Desserts

Whether it’s apple crisp, cookies, or another treat, most holiday celebrations include dessert. We’ll show you some ways you can fit a portion of tasty dessert into your meal plan without disrupting blood glucose control.

VIDEO: Chili Season

Inspire the fire with a super bowl of chili! Grilled vegetables add an extra kick of flavor.

3 Carb-Counting Tips

Techniques for Knowing Your Carbs

Crafting a Healthy Casserole

Great Ways to Make Casseroles Better for You, By Robyn Webb, MS, LN

VIDEO: Some New Ideas for Your Tailgating Party

It’s finally football season and most of us will be attending a tailgating party or two. Here are some tailgating party foods you can bring this year that are on the healthier side, but still perfect for the occasion.

Fall Fun: Barbeques, Football Parties and More

Let the tailgating and backyard barbecues begin, with some healthy tips and new recipes.

VIDEO: Chili - The Perfect Football Food

Make a savory veggie chili that even your most macho football-loving guests will love.

VIDEO: Kale – A Trendy Veggie

Kale is cheap, yet versatile, and it’s very popular right now. Michael Marks gives us an introduction to using kale in the kitchen and also shows us how to make a healthy, low-carb snack: kale chips.

Saving Money at Your Local Autumn Festival

Planning your day at a festival or fair can help you avoid spending a fortune and also keep your diabetes management on track with healthy choices.

Plan a Healthy Picnic

Planning a picnic with the fam? Everyone likes summer picnic staples like cheeseburgers, potato salad and frozen treats. You can still enjoy your favorites, but it is important to balance your plate. What’s more – it's easy to incorporate some healthy options that are also tasty and crave-worthy! Here are 10 healthy picnic foods to consider for your menu this summer!

VIDEO: Watermelon – A Summer Treat

No need to make a mess when you cut up fresh watermelon this season. Learn to easily slice and dice this refreshing summer fruit.

VIDEO: All About Summer Squash

Michael Marks shows us the many ways you can prepare and use nonstarchy zucchini or yellow squash.

Fitting in Summer Treats

There is a place for sweets and desserts in your meal plan. You can still enjoy these treats on special occasions without feeling guilty. You’ll just need to make some adjustments to the other foods you eat.

VIDEO: Summer Specialty - Eggplant!

Not sure what to do with this seasonal veggie? Here are some meal ideas that showcase nonstarchy eggplant.

10 Tips to Simplify Healthy Cooking

Americans are busier than ever, and lack of time is one of the most common barriers to healthy cooking and eating.

VIDEO: Snow Peas & Sugar Snap Peas

How can these nutrient-packed veggies be used in cooking? Michael Marks will give you some creative, new meal ideas!

Freezable Meals

Ever consider making your own frozen meals at home? Push a few buttons on the microwave, and have dinner ready in minutes.

VIDEO: Supersize Your Salads

Salad greens are one of the lowest-carb foods out there. It’s easy to create colorful, fresh salads to enjoy as entrees or side dishes.

VIDEO: What’s in Season Now

Find out which fruits and vegetables are in season now that spring is here. Plus you’ll find some meal ideas to include seasonal produce in your meal plan.

VIDEO: Cabbage for St. Paddy’s Day

Michael Marks introduces us to a few different cabbage varieties and healthy ways to enjoy it this St. Patrick’s Day.

How to Fill Half Your Plate with Nonstarchy Veggies

Struggling to fill half your plate with nonstarchy vegetables? We've got plenty of tasty ideas for you.

When Meal Planning Gets Complicated… A Simple Solution

Looking for a simple solution to diabetes meal planning? The Diabetes Plate Method can be a good place to start for many people with diabetes.

VIDEO: All About Sweet Potatoes

Michael Marks, Your Produce Man, explains the difference between sweet potatoes and yams. He’ll also touch on how sweet potatoes can fit into your diabetes meal plan.

VIDEO: Nonstarchy Vegetables

Nonstarchy vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals—and with so few calories and carbohydrate, everyone can enjoy more! =

Makeover Your Meals with Heart-Healthy Swaps

Eating more heart healthy is as simple as swapping out some of the less healthy foods you are currently eating. Below, we’ve listed 20 heart-healthy swaps you can try to start celebrating heart health month all year round!

10 Tips for Heart-Healthy Eating

February is American Heart Month, and a great time to start including more heart-healthy foods in your meal plan.

VIDEO: Nuts – A Heart-Healthy Snack

Nuts are a great source of healthy unsaturated fats and make a quick and easy snack. Just be sure to watch your portions. Check out how you can add nuts to simple dishes and make roasted nuts.

VIDEO: Cooking with Herbs

An introduction to different types of herbs and examples of how you can use them in your own cooking.

VIDEO: Heart-Healthy Avocados

Michael Marks shows us an easy way to ripen, pit, and peel an avocado. He’ll also show you how they can be added to all sorts of meals.

VIDEO: Citrus

There are so many types of citrus fruit. Even with diabetes, citrus like oranges and tangerines can be a tasty, refreshing snack or side. What’s more – many citrus fruits are in season during the winter months!

Pack Your Lunch: A Simple Step to Better Health

One easy way to improve your diet is to start bringing a healthy lunch from home.

VIDEO: Make Your Own Tea

Learn how to make your own unsweetened tea at home using herbs and spices. With few calories and carbohydrates, unsweetened tea one of the beverages we highly recommend.

Resolution to Reality: Back on Track in 2015

If your New Year’s resolution has something to do with eating better, exercising more, or losing weight, you are certainly not alone. The beginning of a new year is a great time to start working toward a healthier you!

VIDEO: Back to Your Roots

Root vegetables are packed with nutrients and many varieties are available during the winter months. Find out which vegetables are considered root vegetables and how you can use them in your own kitchen!

Tips to Lighten Up Your Holiday Menu

It can be extremely difficult to eat healthy when it comes to traditional holiday grub. But there are a few small steps you can take to keep a healthy balance in your life while still fully enjoying the celebration.

VIDEO: Healthy Holiday Side Dishes

Your Produce Man, Michael Marks, shares ideas for festive side dishes you can bring to any holiday gathering this year.

VIDEO: Healthy Holiday Appetizers

Holiday appetizers tend to be carb-heavy. Your Produce Man will share some light appetizer ideas that you can enjoy before your meal without sabotaging blood glucose control.
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