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On-the-Go and On a Budget

See how you can stay healthy and spend less when you eat out. Also, check out additional budget-savvy tips for when you're on the go!

Eating Healthy On a Budget – It Can Be Done!

The holidays have finally passed, and many of us are looking to save rather than spend. This month, we’re bringing you a whole bunch of tips to help you do just that.

VIDEO: Supersize Your Salads

Salad greens are one of the lowest-carb foods out there. It’s easy to create colorful, fresh salads to enjoy as entrees or side dishes this winter!

VIDEO: Healthy Holiday Side Dishes

Michael Marks shares some healthy side dish ideas that are perfect for holiday gatherings. Check them out and try them yourself!

VIDEO: Classic Mac ‘n Cheese

Chef Robyn Webb explains how she makes her healthy version of mac ‘n cheese. She’ll also taste-test her recipe against its store-bought competitors!

On-The-Go Tips: Holiday Drink Makeover

There is nothing more comforting than a holiday-themed coffee drink this time of year. Check out our holiday drink makeover to see how you can fit them in this year!

Fitting In Comfort Food This Holiday Season

After all of the running around during the holiday season, nothing tastes better at the end of the day than our favorite comfort foods. But how do these rich dishes fit into a diabetes meal plan?

VIDEO: Smart Appetizer Ideas

Michael Marks, Your Produce Man brings healthy appetizer ideas to life. Try one of these delicious ideas instead of bringing high-calorie spinach artichoke dip or fried finger foods to the party this year.

VIDEO: Sweet Potatoes – A Seasonal Favorite

Did you know that sweet potatoes are on the American Diabetes Associations superfoods list? Michael Marks gets us thinking about how this seasonal favorite fits into a diabetes meal plan.

On-The-Go Tips

Here are some quick tips to help you stay on the healthy track when you are on-the-go this holiday season.

Easy Steps to a Happy and Healthy Holiday

Solutions to the typical holiday dilemmas. Don't let stress take over the holidays this year. Diabetes or not - you can still enjoy family, fun, and food!

Our Favorite Fall Foods for You and your Family

The leaves are turning and the weather is getting cooler, but there are still plenty of tasty and nutritious foods to eat! Treat yourself and your family to some of our favorite fall foods this October!

VIDEO: Making Tomato Basil Soup with Chicken

Chef Nancy Hughes shows you how to make one of this month’s featured recipes from her cookbook 15-Minute Diabetic Meals. It’s delicious, healthy, and only takes 15 minutes to make!

VIDEO: Basil – From the Store to Your Plate

Michael Marks shares a trick for storing this fresh herb. He’ll also show you how to use basil to add flavor your food for less calories and salt.

VIDEO: All About Sweet Potatoes

Michael Marks, Your Produce Man, explains the difference between sweet potatoes and yams. He’ll also touch on how sweet potatoes can fit into your diabetes meal plan

On-the-Go Tips

Here are some tips for when you're short on time.We'll share a trick that will make it easier to put a homecooked meal on the table - even on the busiest of days. Also, check out healthy convenient snacks to opt for in place of less nutritious Halloween candy.

VIDEO: The Many Types of Tomatoes

Michael Marks shows you the different varieties of tomatoes and how to incorporate tomatoes into your meal plan.

VIDEO: Let's Talk Cukes

Michael Marks presents the different varieties of cucumbers you can use to make your meals and snacks. He also shares some preparation tricks and meal ideas.

VIDEO: It's Tomato Season!

Michael Marks introduces the Create Your Plate approach to meal planning. He'll also tell you how to store tomatoes and give an example of how you can include this non-starchy vegetable in your meals.

The Mediterranean Diet - What's the Story?

Have you heard the buzz about the Mediterranean diet? Read this month's feature article to find out the basics and benefits of the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle.

VIDEO: No-Cook Meal Ideas

Believe it or not, it’s easy to prepare a healthy meal without turning on the stove. Michael Marks gives us some great no-cook meal ideas that can make your life easier on a hectic day.

New and Healthy Brown Bag Lunches

Take 100% control of your lunches as an easy step toward a healthier lifestyle!

On-The-Go Tips

Try out nuts this month - they're a heart-healthy, fool-proof snack.

8 Quick Snack Ideas – Lean Protein Included!

Are you constantly on-the-go? Here are some quick and easy snack ideas, all of which include a source of lean protein.

Grilling Basics

Here are a few very important tips to help keep your family and friends as healthy and safe as possible when grilling out this year.

VIDEO: Asian Flavors

Some of the healthiest cooking on earth comes from Asian countries. Find out which vegetables, fruits, spices, and herbs make up this healthy way of cooking. Michael Marks will also share some Asian-inspired meals with you!

Traveling this Holiday? On-The-Go Airport Meals

Holiday travel can be stressful. Here are some tips to help you eat healthier while on the road or when you're stuck at the airport.

On-The-Go: Sticking to Your New Year's Resolution When Time is Tight

After the holidays, we all return to the usual hustle and bustle of every day life. Don't let your busy schedule get in the way of achieving your health goals to eat healthier and exercise more.

VIDEO: Dessert on V-Day

Michael Marks shows us how to put a healthy spin on dessert this Valentine's Day.

Meal Makeover: Build a Better Sandwich

Packing lunch is a great idea, but a homemade lunch can be just as unhealthy as going out to eat if you're not careful. We'll show you how to build a better sandwich. Find new ideas beyond the traditional turkey sandwich!

VIDEO: Citrus Fruits – A Nutrient-Packed Option!

There are so many varieties of citrus, and it’s a tasty, refreshing snack to pack when traveling during summer vacation.

VIDEO: Dessert on V-Day

Michael Marks shows us how to put a healthy spin on dessert this Valentine's Day.

Diabetes and Heart Health - What's the Connection?

How you can eat heart-healthy and follow your diabetes meal plan at the same time. It's easier than you think!

Big-Time Burritos: A Popular To-Go Option

Many fast-food restaurants are now specializing in the football-sized burrito. Learn how to build a healthier burrito at these popular to-go restaurants which include Chipotle, Qdoba, Moe’s, and others like them.

VIDEO: Bell Peppers – How to Prepare Them and More

Find out everything you need to know about using bell peppers in the kitchen. Learn a new, easy way to cut bell peppers and how you can incorporate them into a lower-carb meal!

VIDEO: Molasses Drumsticks with Soy Sauce

Watch chef Nancy Hughes make one of this month’s featured recipes, Molasses Drumsticks with Soy Sauce. It’s truly quick, easy, and only calls for four ingredients!

Grilling Out - Beyond Burgers

Think that burgers and brats are your only option when cooking on the barbie? Think again! Mix it up this summer and start grilling some new, healthy meals. It’ll be a nice change from the usual barbecue grub!

On-the-Go with Fro Yo

Tips to help you incorporate this refreshing, creamy treat into your meal plan this summer.

VIDEO: Watermelon - The Perfect Summer Treat!

Nothing says summer like freshly cut watermelon. It’s great as a side dish, snack, or in a fruit salad. Learn a quick and easy way to cut a whole watermelon into bite-size pieces, without making the usual mess.

On-The-Go: Save time with Thanksgiving leftovers

Leftovers can be an important time-saver as you kick off the holiday season. Here are some creative ways to transform your Thanksgiving leftovers into new meals that are both tasty and healthy!

VIDEO: What to do with Tofu?

Your Produce explains what tofu is, how it is made, and what to do with it in the kitchen. A staple in many Asian countries, it’s a great source of vegetarian protein and is low in carbohydrate.

On-the-Go: Dinner in No Time

Is time tight now that school is back in full swing? Stir-fry is a quick and easy solution to getting a healthy dinner on the table on busy nights.

VIDEO: In Season: Winter Squash

Michael Marks shares an easy way to peel and cut butternut squash, a tasty fall food that can be roasted and enjoyed as a side dish. You can also use it for soups or add it to casseroles.

Spring is Here - Grocery Shop for the Season!

Learn about the benefits of buying seasonal produce and check out our spring produce guide. Plus we’ll share dozens of meal ideas to show you how tasty spring produce can give your meal plan a nutritious boost.

VIDEO: Garlic - A Healthy Way to Flavor Food

Think that mincing fresh garlic is a pain? Michael Marks shows us a quick and easy way to do it. Garlic will enhance the flavor of the food you cook without adding lots of calories and carbs!

Choose This, Not That – How to Make the Best Snack Choices

The snacks you choose can make or break your meal plan. Check out our delicious, filling snack ideas.

Back to School - 6 Tips for Eating and Living Well This Year

It's easy to lose focus on healthy eating when school starts. These 7 tips will keep you living and eating well!

VIDEO: More Kid-Friendly Lunch Ideas

Watch this video to get you thinking about some good-for-you foods to include in your kids’ lunches this year.

Price Comparison of Staple Foods

Which store is cheapest for buying chicken breasts, beans, milk, and other staple foods? Find out here.

VIDEO: Dried Beans – A Good Way to Go

Beans are a great source of lean protein and they are also a money-saver. See how to prepare them in your own kitchen!
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