What’s Your Hydration IQ? New “Smart Bottle” Helps Consumers Track Daily Water Consumption

Alexandria, Virginia
November 5, 2014

The American Diabetes Association (Association) is excited to announce, in collaboration with Jerry Sweeney, creator of the Space Bag, the unveiling of the IQhydr8. What distinguishes this innovative smart hydration system from products of its kind is it abilities to help measure and keep track of how much water a consumer drinks each day and reminds them to drink more often. 

“There has been a lot of focus on eating a healthy diet, but many people don’t consider the health effects of what they drink,” said Stephanie Dunbar, Director, Nutrition and Medical Affairs, American Diabetes Association. “The IQhydr8 is a unique approach to encourage everyone to drink more water instead of sugary drinks.  Avoiding sugary drinks is important not only for people with diabetes but those without diabetes.”

Features of the IQhydr8 include:

  • Hydrate reminder: A friendly chime reminds people to hydrate consistently.
  • Double-duty mouth guard cover: Protects spout and swings up for easy drinking or carrying.
  • Spill-proof seal: Valve button opens spout for drinking and closes automatically when released.
  • Food-grade materials: 100 percent Dow Corning silicone and Tritan™ container that are dishwasher safe when the patent-pending electronic smart disk is removed.
  • Unique Design: Avoids the use of a drinking straw, gaskets and crevices where bacteria can form.

“The IQhydr8 is the first smart bottle of its kind; with the technology in the bottle’s cap, you don’t even need to remember how much you’re drinking,” said Jerry Sweeney, inventor of the IQhydr8. “It’s another tool to help you take care of yourself. Water is an essential nutrient, and replenishing it is critical every day, especially when you’re working hard to increase physical activity and live a healthier lifestyle.”

It can be hard to forego tasty beverages in favor of water, but with the IQhydr8 there is no need for artificial chemicals or artificial flavorings to improve the taste.  The IQhydr8 bottle makes it easy to add a few squirts of lime or lemon, a slice of cucumber, some freshly peeled ginger or diced mint leaves.

A minimum of $1 from the sale of each product will be donated to the Association. For more information on the IQhydr8, visit http://www.iqhydr8.com.

To purchase an IQhydr8 water bottle, please visit diabetes.org or call 1.800.DIABETES.

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