Substantial, Sustained, Portable Funding

Today, it is not uncommon for researchers to spend a significant amount of their time writing grants. To us, this is time wasted. We want researchers to concentrate on chasing breakthroughs instead of chasing dollars. Through awards of up to $1.625 million, Pathway to Stop Diabetes will allow scientists to explore their new or even radical ideas with confidence. And without having to annually apply or reapply for funding.

Candidates will be identified through nominations from U.S. accredited academic and non-profit research institutions. Nominations of candidates in diverse disciplines, from medicine, biology and chemistry to engineering, mathematics and physics, are encouraged.


Initiator Award

Newly emerging scientists face numerous obstacles early in their careers, but none more daunting than securing the funding for their work to begin

For post-doctoral talent on the cusp of their research careers, Initiator Awards provide the means to establish independent careers, hire staff and — most importantly — focus completely on conducting their innovative research.

The two-part funding is designed to support the transition from trainee to independent investigator.

Diabetes Research Career Initiator Award


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Accelerator Award

Researchers pursuing high risk but promising projects often encounter difficulty in finding continuing financial support. This leads to delays in progress as resources are pulled away from research and applied to the search for funding.

For scientists early in their careers and for scientists interested in applying their expertise in a new field, Accelerator Awards provide the freedom to continue their work undistracted. This in turn will help to accelerate their research in those potentially novel areas that hold high promise for a breakthrough in the fight to Stop Diabetes.

Diabetes Research Accelerator Award

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Additional Grant Opportunities

Pathway to Stop Diabetes is not for every researcher. The American Diabetes Association's Research Program offers additional grant opportunities that span the spectrum of diabetes research and supports investigators in all stages of their careers.

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