A New Generation of Brilliant Scientists Focused on Diabetes

Pathway to Stop Diabetes is a bold, innovative initiative designed to radically transform diabetes research. Our vision is simple yet revolutionary: find a new generation of brilliant scientists at the peak of their creativity, then provide them with the freedom, autonomy, and financial and professional resources to set them on the road to breakthrough discoveries.

We realize that it takes more than natural talent for young researchers to realize their full potential. It takes comprehensive support every step of the way. To make the career commitment to diabetes research attractive, fulfilling and rewarding, Pathway to Stop Diabetes will provide that support in every way.

Investing in People, Not Projects

The trend in research today is to invest in a specific technology or pathology. But diabetes is a complex disease with multiple challenges in discovering prevention methods, treatment options and ultimately a cure. Pathway will instead focus on attracting the most creative and brilliant minds to diabetes research and then help them pursue their discoveries, in essence creating a human Pathway to transformative science.

With our concentration on finding top talent, our search will extend from individuals just starting their independent research careers to brilliant minds in all fields of research. And with good reason — the game-changing scientific breakthroughs of many Nobel laureates came from scientists early in their research careers or in areas that were not their original fields of research:

Nobel Laureates: The Value of Youth in Innovation

ResearcherContribution CitedAge*
Frederick Banting, MD Discovery of insulin 29
James Watson, PhD Structure and function of DNA 28
Francis Crick, PhD Structure and function of DNA 38
Albert Einstein Contributions to theoretical physics 26
Median age of Nobel Laureates in Medicine 39.5
*Age at discovery or publication

Nobel Laureates: The Value of New Perspective

ResearcherContribution CitedOriginal Training
Frederick Banting, MD Discovery of insulin Orthopedic surgery
Walter Gilbert, PhD DNA and RNA sequencing Nuclear physics
Rosalyn Yalow, PhD Protein detection/ measurement Nuclear physics
Eric Kandel, MD Nerve conduction Psychiatry


What all of these great names have in common is great talent that transcends narrow fields of research. Pathway to Stop Diabetes aims to find the modern counterparts of these great minds — and focus their efforts on diabetes.

Equipping Brilliant Scientists to Focus on Diabetes

Our goal is to fund brilliant researchers with innovative ideas likely to make a transformational impact on diabetes, establishing a notable assembly of outstanding scientists that will bring unparalleled prestige to the program and attract an ever-increasing talent pool from which to identify future candidates.

A Continuing Avenue for Talent

The initial power of Pathway to Stop Diabetes will undoubtedly be the funding — the one, vital key for innovative scientists. Quickly, however, the program's effect will become much bigger. Brilliant scientists will collaborate, learn from leaders in their fields, and have the freedom to pursue innovation, bringing important progress and transformative change to diabetes detection, prevention, treatment and cures. Pathway to Stop Diabetes will be a model for launching and accelerating brilliant scientific careers.