Louise Hoffman

Published February 2008

How would you feel if it were announced with great fanfare, that a specific research scientist had made the most hopeful and promising breakthrough in years toward a cure for diabetes?

And how would you feel if you knew that you had aided him or her significantly-or even in a small way-knowing that a grant you supported from the Research Foundation had funded that work?

My bet is that you would be overjoyed.

When our then-35-year-old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, our reaction was similar to that of all families.

First, we asked, "Other than our physician, where can we get help?"

Then we asked, "What can we do?" We had more questions: How are we going to find a cure? How soon will that be? Who's working on finding a cure? What's the most promising research, and where is the money coming from to help fund it?

We already knew that the American Diabetes Association was an effective, respected, and reliable organization that provides help, reassurance, and education via an array of services and information available both nationally and locally.

Using the many free educational resources of the organization, we quickly learned all about the disease and were glad to know that the American Diabetes Association stays current on the most recent and effective treatments, management techniques and medical devices.

The Research Foundation Provides Hope

But, hope is what we needed too. Enter the American Diabetes Association’s Research Foundation!

As soon as we learned of the Association’s Research Foundation, we knew there was indeed something our family could do for medical research after all! What a comfort! How exciting!

I am impressed with everything I know about the work of the Research Foundation. When I visited one of the diabetes research labs, I was awed and heartened by simply seeing the scientists at work-all that dedicated brainpower focused on finding a cure! I am convinced that the Research Foundation, if it hasn't already, will one day fund a grant to that gifted person who will at long last actually find a cure. I feel that this is one of the places that hope resides.

So, for me, it's simple. I joined this community in the most effective way I could, by giving as generously as I can to the Research Foundation as a Pinnacle Society member at the Spire level.

Helping to fund medical research on all aspects of diabetes is a source of pride and satisfaction to me in a very personal way. We are fortunate to be able to have a small part in studies that will have an enormous impact on lives-now, soon, and in the future.