Amaranth Diabetes Foundation

As an international, Masonic-affiliated organization, the Order of the Amaranth raises money through its philanthropic charity, Amaranth Diabetes Foundation (ADF). Its over 14,000 members engage in grassroots fundraising events such as galas, auctions, bowling and golf tournaments, retail store collections and bake sales, motivated and focused on making an impact on this devastating disease. Each dollar earned is directed toward its foundation, which in turn supports the American Diabetes Association's Research Foundation.

Since 1979, ADF has been raising money for diabetes research supported by the American Diabetes Association. This past year (2017-2018), members raised an impressive $411,542, bringing their total amount raised to over $16 million. The American Diabetes Association congratulates the Order of the Amaranth on its longstanding support of our mutual mission.

Currently, the Order of the Amaranth is supporting three research projects examining issues such as the links between genetics, aging and diabetes risk; regenerating Beta cells to treat and prevent diabetes; and how diabetes increases heart attack risk. The ADA expresses our grateful thanks to the Order of the Amaranth for their continued support and commitment to curing diabetes.

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