Peter Seidler

First published: November 2010

As one of ten siblings, Peter Seidler knows a couple of things about what it takes to make a group work successfully together. Therefore, it is no accident that Mr. Seidler has chosen to contribute his financial efforts to support the American Diabetes Association and its Research Foundation.

Since 1940, the Association has a proven track record of diligently managing the gifts and efforts of its donors, volunteers and staff, improving the lives of individuals who struggle with diabetes each day.

“With so many honorable and valuable non-profit organizations in need of funding, it is a challenge for philanthropic-minded individuals to choose which to support,” says Mr. Seidler. “Ultimately, my family and I chose to support the Research Foundation, because we believe in its vision to support only the best diabetes science in the world.”

A Personal Connection

Now affecting 24 million people, diabetes has also impacted the Seidler family for many years. Two of Mr. Seidler’s siblings have type 1 diabetes—an area of research that is of great interest to him. “Our family has directly experienced the multifaceted physical and emotional issues that impact individuals with diabetes,” notes Mr. Seidler. “Certainly finding ways to prevent, and one day cure, this particular disease is of the upmost importance to me.”

Mr. Seidler is a managing partner of Seidler Equity Partners, a private equity investment firm in Marina Del Rey, California, that invests in and partners with successful entrepreneurially owned businesses. He directs donations to the Research Foundation from his charitable organization Blue Donkey Foundation.

Today, Mr. Seidler and other members of the Seidler family are some of the frontrunners of the Pinnacle Society, the Association’s giving society for individuals and groups who give more than $10,000 to the organization.

The Research Foundation gratefully accepts Pinnacle gifts and directs them to peer-reviewed research projects. These studies are aimed at developing new prevention strategies, more successful treatment plans, and/or to find cures for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Trusting the Research Foundation’s Vision

This high level of dedication can only be explained by Mr. Seidler’s trust in the Research Foundation’s vision. “The Research Foundation’s effort to fund the next generation of researchers through the Association’s Research Program is
one that I support,” he says. “I believe it will succeed and yield results that will one day solve the problem of diabetes.”

Mr. Seidler is an insightful businessman. He feels the Research Foundation’s budding interest in funding new investigators is well worth the money and the effort. “The passion of and vision the volunteers and staff at the Research Foundation have is infectious,” asserts Mr. Seidler. “The unique approach to fund creative and insightful new minds to fill the gap in diabetes knowledge is truly innovative.”

As a member of a family passionate about diabetes as well, Mr. Seidler encourages any individual or group who is interested in preventing or curing diabetes to take a serious look at supporting the Association and its Research Foundation. “I am no expert on diabetes research,” claims Mr. Seidler, “but I believe that motivated and brilliant individuals give us our best hope for success. This makes me proud to make any contribution and confident that the pace of progress continues to gain momentum.”

However, Mr. Seidler knows that each individual and family must make up their own mind as to what their philanthropic goals are. Investing in a particular group or cause is a personal decision. But, for Mr. Seidler’s very large family, supporting diabetes research is both literally and figuratively an issue of the “gut”.

Says Mr. Seidler: “As one delves into the workings of the Research Foundation and studies its vision, a ‘gut feel’ develops that indicates that this is a well-managed effort on the path to amazing results.”