Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.

Published February 2009

Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc. is a leading global pharmaceutical company with a history of bringing innovative products to market. As part of their efforts to progress medicines that improve patient health, Takeda avidly supports the careers of young scientists and has fostered a strong relationship with the American Diabetes Association on the shared goal of improving the health of individuals.
"The American Diabetes Association is seen as the world leader in diabetes education, advocacy and research, so it is only natural that Takeda feels it is important to support their efforts," said Christine Beebe, MS, Associate Director of medical education for Takeda (photo).

Takeda, since its inception in 1998, has experienced tremendous growth in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is not only expanding its interests in diabetes but also gastrointestinal disorders and neurological disorders to name a few. However, the company continues to keep the needs of the people who suffer from diabetes as a core focus. That is why Takeda has partnered with the Association’s Research Foundation - to give back to patients who suffer from diabetes.

Thus, the mutual mission to help those with diabetes is the basis of a long-standing and successful collaboration in diabetes science.

"To date, the Research Foundation is the grateful recipient of approximately $3.2 million from Takeda, making Takeda one of the most consistent and impressive Pinnacle Society members yet," said Scott Campbell, PhD, Vice President of Research at the American Diabetes Association.

Mentor-Based Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

In 2002, Takeda recognized the need for an increase in minority communities to be represented at American Diabetes Association courses and within the clinical research realm. Discussions between Richard Kahn, MD, chief scientific and medical affairs officer, and Dr. Campbell led to the idea to start a fellowship program with support from Takeda.

In 2003, Takeda and the Research Foundation spearheaded the first Mentor-Based Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. The program initially distributed three grants per year to young, minority researchers who were looking to begin their career in diabetes science. The American Diabetes Association peer-reviewed healthcare professionals who received these awards used the funds to mentor exceptional, promising fellows. This program has grown to include funding for nine fellowships each year.

Takeda continues to invest in Association-sponsored research fellows through additional initiatives including the Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes and Beta-Cell Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs. Each respective program addresses critical, yet unmet needs in diabetes research and also supports the careers of 20 rising diabetes researchers.

Cardiovascular disease is a major complication of diabetes, and Takeda realized a natural interest to educate upcoming type 2 diabetes researchers who specialize in the most common diabetic complication. Through the Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Takeda hopes to foster research and clinical initiatives that will improve diabetes care in general and specifically cardiovascular disease.

Meanwhile, through the Beta-Cell Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, the Association and Takeda are supporting mentor and fellow teams whose research is dedicated to helping stop the autoimmune destruction of insulin-producing cells.

These programs have already perpetuated and will continue to enable the development of distinguished diabetes scientists.

"If we can help bring new research to the medical community through collaboration with the American Diabetes Association, we’re one step closer to helping those individuals with and at risk for diabetes," says Kirk Shepard, MD, Senior Vice President of Medical & Scientific Affairs at Takeda. "Through Association- and Takeda-supported research, the diabetes world will hopefully glean exciting, new research findings for the education of health professionals and the care of patients."

In addition to their contributions to the Research Foundation, Takeda also makes a large impact nationally and locally through sponsorships, educational grants and fundraising efforts, and is dedicated to educating employees about the changes in diabetes research.

 "The spirit of our commitment extends to our employees, partners and the larger community," says Beebe. In March, four Association/Takeda -funded research fellows will discuss their research with employees at the Takeda Deerfield, Illinois, office. During Takeda’s "Visiting Scholar Lecture Series," Takeda professionals expand their knowledge of the latest science and explore what they can do to further help.

"The American Diabetes Association is honored to have Takeda as a member of the Banting Circle Elite, the highest level of corporate support dedicated to giving to the Association’s general fund," said Dr. Campbell. "And although we have made great strides together, there is still much more to do."

"Diabetes is a very complex disease with many avenues left to study. This is why it is important to know that 100 percent of all support we give to the Association’s Research Foundation is dedicated to supporting research," says Ms. Beebe. "The more we learn about diabetes, the more we realize there is still much to know."