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Scholarly journals are key information resources for your doctors. The American Diabetes Association publishes four prestigious journals that help your doctors stay abreast of the latest research and state-of-the-art approaches to care.


Diabetes is a journal for scientists studying diabetes and its causes. The studies published in the journal seek to uncover how diabetes works and how it leads to complications such as vision loss and nerve damage. The cutting-edge research in Diabetes could, over time, lead to new medicines and therapies for diabetes and may one day lead to a cure. Find out more about Diabetes.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care provides information of interest to health care practitioners, including your primary care doctor and diabetes specialist. The journal publishes studies that advance your doctors understanding of diabetes medicines, blood glucose control, diabetes during pregnancy, and many other topics. Diabetes Care also publishes guidelines from the Association that your doctor can use to help make decisions to improve your health. Find out more about Diabetes Care.

Clinical Diabetes

Clinical Diabetes is a resource for doctors that treat patients with many different needs. The journal publishes articles your family doctor can use to learn about the latest advances and state-of-the-art care for people with diabetes. Clinical Diabetes is also a forum where doctors can discuss problems they face in their practice, share information about diabetes care, and access patient education materials. Find out more about Clinical Diabetes.

Diabetes Spectrum

Diabetes Spectrum caters to any health care professional who cares for people with diabetes. The journal features articles about the latest diabetes research and treatment options your diabetes educator, nutritionist, or nurse practitioner can use to help you learn to better manage your diabetes. Find out more about Diabetes Spectrum.

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