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TYPE 2 DIABETES - let’s get into some diabetes education🤩 for those that are new 👋🏻 I’m doing a week long “differences between diabetes” series on the gram... let’s go! T2D is characterized by an increase in INSULIN RESISTANCE (aka your body is NOT responding to insulin like it should) and can also be brought about if the body is not producing enough insulin on its own. Not all people living with T2D require insulin - the first line of management is always lifestyle modifications including diet, exercise, and stress management. Why? Because all medications have SIDE EFFECTS, no matter what you’re taking them for, and it’s always important to see what change you can elicit without meds first. Your HCP (healthcare provider) may then choose to add ANTI-DIABETIC AGENTS (pills) to help manage your diabetes along with regular A1C blood draws (where they can measure your average blood glucose value over the last 3 months) if more is needed. There are so many anti-diabetic agents on the market (i.e Metformin, Glimepiride, etc.) and your HCP may change or add on different ones depending on what you need, and may look at insulin as the last step. Some KEY differences between T1D vs T2D are: T1Ds REQUIRE INSULIN right off the bat! T1D’s are also more at risk for DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) where ketones are present and BG’s can be 300mg/dL+ while T2Ds experience HHS (hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state) where bg levels can be around 600mg/dL+ and ketones are NOT present. Here are some T2D warriors and T2D advocates I’ve learned about, make sure to check them out! They are a mix of accounts that live with T2D and those that advocate for T2D 😌 @dexgeralds @type2notalone @type2ceo @type2kitchen @type2andyou_by_a_cde @urbandiabetic

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