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18 months of living with T1d.

Testament to the fact that it does NOT get any easier..(I loathe this comment!) ......the last 6 months have been our most challenging to date.

Since her first diaversary 6 months ago; we have had heaps of hurdles to overcome and faced a whole host of tricky obstacles.

The last 6 months have seen her receive her first sensors (first the libre then the dexcom) & her insulin pump (omnipod)

So we now find ourselves in the world of dexcom decals and pretty patches; graphs, average glucose readings and of course the ever ringing alarms..all of which were absent in the first year of her diagnosis.

Highly complex feelings and emotions have been particularly challenging of late. Anxiety surrounding her new way of life and of course, as she matures and starts to realise that she will have Type 1 diabetes for life; also some resentment.

Yet...here we are; 18 months in and I couldn’t be prouder of the mountains she’s not only climbed but conquered; with maturity and grace far beyond her 5 years of age.

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Things to be grateful for with T1D? 🤷 We went out for a hike last weekend and when we reached the highest point I felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude. Yes, living with diabetes does suck sometimes, but what’s helped me stay positive is focusing on all the things I’m grateful that I can still do.

I can still hike.
I can still go surfing, skiing, cycling etc. I can still have children (and the likelihood they’ll develop T1D will go down to 1% after I reach age 25). I can still do awesome at my job. I can still achieve the same blood sugars as a non-diabetic.

Another thing I’m grateful for is our amazing online community. I only joined last year and through all of you I’ve discovered incredible apps such as @quindiabetesapp, Sugarmate, HappyBob and xDrip, as well as the Miaomiao and getting Regular insulin prescribed (UK brand names are Actrapid, Insuman Rapid and Humulin S - Regular insulin is a game changer if you eat low carb!) 💉

Recently @typeonesoph kindly shared how to get a free trial of Dexcom in the UK, which I can’t wait to try out. @type1macy has also shared how to extend the life of the Dexcom sensor to 20 days, which I’ll be making good use of (thanks for sharing this on your story @imsweet_enough). 😁

While I always bang on about how grateful I am to have discovered low carb (and it has made the WORLD of difference to my diabetes management and I will never stop fighting for it to be offered as an option to all newly diagnosed PWD), I am also incredibly grateful for the community on here. You too have made the world of difference to my diabetes management and my confidence in general.

This time last year I was still hiding my sensor on my waist. Now it’s on my arm and I don’t try to hide it. I inject in public (unless it’s in the bum cheek) 😆 and I talk more openly about my diabetes now. I don’t try and hide my diabetes anymore, I embrace it.

Yes, I have type 1 diabetes. And yes, life is still awesome. 🙌

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