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There’s a lot you can do for eye health—like getting an annual eye exam to detect eye disease early. This Healthy Vision Month, get information on maintaining eye health so you can see a future with no complications.
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November is American Diabetes Month®—a time to join together and take action.

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From diet and exercise to treatment and care, there are tons of practical things you can do every day to make your life easier. Here are just a few.

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Regardless of where you are in your journey with diabetes, we are here to help. Find educators near you that can help to manage your diabetes.


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Yelp review: Type One Diabetes I’m coming up to living 10 months with diabetes, and I thought I’d gained enough experience to do a formal review: Since being diagnosed out of the blue, I didn’t really know what to expect when I received the news I’d be living with type one for the rest of my life. It was something I didn’t really know about, and to be honest, the instruction manual wasn’t great either! I got the pandemic diagnosis experience, so the first few weeks were quite stressful because I really had no idea what I was doing! I also didn’t realise that type one would come with other add ons such as: maths you have forgotten how to do (aka: carb counting), exhaustion, negative relationships with food and hair loss! It really wasn’t the experience I’d have hoped for, but you get what you’re given in this life! It was free after all 🙄 There’s some pretty fun accessories which you can receive if you’re lucky enough, like the libre or the dexcom, but weirdly, despite all having the same diagnosis, only some of us are entitled to them. I’m lucky enough to to get the UK experience and have the NHS, but others still haven’t got access to free insulin which is required for type one to work, which again, seems completely unfair. Maybe the only positive things about type one are the fact I’m in tune with my broken body more than ever, and it grants you access to this super exclusive, fancy online community where other people who’ve been given type one can chat and share experiences, which I think is pretty great. Overall, there are highs and lows (literally), but I’d give ⭐️⭐️/5. I would not recommend and I’m not a fan, but it has some pretty nice perks if you know where to look 🥰 #type1diabetes #diabetic #diabetes #type1diabetic #typeonediabetic #typeone #typeonediabetic #typeonediabetes #typeone #t1dlookslikeme #t1d #diabeticlifestyle #diabetesblogger #chroniccondition #spoonie #autoimmunedisease #diabetesawareness #t1dwarrior #diabeticlife #diabadass #diabetestipo1 #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #diabeticlife #review #facesoft1d #diabeteswarrior #diabetescommunity #diabetesuk #insulindependent #insulin #carbcounting

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“Keep your face to the sun and you cannot see the shadows. It’s what the sunflowers do”. 🌻☀️ ~Hellen Keller~ My sweet diabuddy, Jasmine @artinfusion97, (who also made these cute earrings for me!) told me I remind her of sunflowers because they look towards the light and it was a super humbling thing to hear. It reminded me of this quote from Helen Keller, who certainly faced her share of difficulties as any T1D could in their journey, but would choose to look towards the sun and let the shadows fall behind. It’s humbling to be compared to a sunflower, because I certainly don’t always face the light, even in this T1D journey I’m all too familiar with. But I know I’m called to. I share my faithful thoughts to build up the community I love, but know they haven’t always been and still sometimes aren’t. Nevertheless, even on my challenging days, I’ll keep my face towards the *Son*, who is the Light, and I will not see the shadows. Because it’s what the faithful do. ✝️ Keep looking towards the light because only it can drown out all darkness and it shines brightest when the world is its darkest. ✨ *** Message Jasmine @artinfusion97 to purchase your own sunflower earrings or pod cover and support a lovely T1D, she created all of these! *** #TypeOne #Diabetes #T1D #Diabetic #TypeOneDiabetes #T1DLooksLikeMe #DiabetesAwareness #JDRF #Type1Diabetes #Type1Diabetic #TypeOneDiabetic #TypeOneStrong #Type1Warrior #InsulinDependent #ChronicIllness #BeyondType1 #T1DStrong #EmpowerT1D #CGM #FreeStyleLibre #T1DLife #T1DCommunity #T1DFamily #T1DAdvocate #Type1Awareness #TypeOneLooksLikeMe #TypeOneNation #T1DShop #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesLife

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