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URGENT: Coronavirus Emergency Legislative Package Additions Needed for Diabetes Relief.

Congress will be voting on Coronavirus Emergency Legislative Packages - and we need your help asking for relief for members of our diabetes community.

Coronavirus Emergency Legislative Package

During this time of national emergency, we are asking Congress to include two items in any legislative package to help members of the diabetes community: 

  • Require a zero-dollar co-pay for insulin under Medicare Part D during the time of emergency.
  • Guarantee that individuals with diabetes who have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19 do not experience an interruption in their health insurance coverage.

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We’re ranking the top bills coming in from Washington so that you can help our community thrive. Here’s how it works.

We score each bill based on three simple questions that assess the benefits for people living with diabetes. Then you reach out to your representatives and let them know how they can help. The best part? Everything you need is right here.

Three simple questions = ADA score

Does the policy lower the cost of insulin and other drugs for people living with diabetes?

Does the policy eliminate barriers people with diabetes face to getting insulin and other drugs?

Does the policy promote competition and innovation in the parts of the healthcare system that must be sustained?

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Insulin Price Reduction Act (S. 2199/H.R.4906)

ADA score: 75%

This bill will help to lower the current list price of insulin and remove barriers to access this life-essential drug. If manufacturers lower the price of their insulin products to the 2006 level, that insulin cannot be subject to a deductible, prior authorization, or step therapy in Medicare and insurance plans. Insurance companies cannot remove these reduced list insulin products from their lists of already approved drugs. 

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Safe Step Act (S. 2546/H.R.2279)

ADA score: 60%

“Step therapy,” often called “fail first,” is when a health insurance plan requires that people try a specific drug before they can get the drug their healthcare professional prescribed.

Health plan rules that make it harder for people to get the medications they need is harmful to people with diabetes. This bill would require health plans to have a clear, fast process to ensure people get the medicine they, and their doctor, have determined will help them stay healthy.

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Chronic Condition Copay Elimination Act (H.R.4457)

ADA score: 50%

High copays for people with diabetes can make it difficult to get the services and supplies they need for good management. This bill would remove copays for certain preventive care and screenings for people with chronic conditions and decrease healthcare spending. If this bill is successful, the Secretary of Health and Human Services would decide which services would be covered without copays.

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Keep a Close Watch.

These bills are important to the diabetes community. While we are not currently asking you to take action, we want to share information about these bills and how they may impact us in the future. 

Acting to Cancel Copays and Ensure Substantial Savings for Biosimilars Act (H.R. 4597)

Eliminates cost-sharing for some biosimilars covered under Medicare Part B. This could include insulin used in a pump, but would not apply to insulin used in a syringe or pen. (Why not all insulins? Click here to learn more about Medicare coverage.  The bill has been sent to Committees for review. We are monitoring its progress and will notify advocates if they should raise their voice.

Insulin Access for All Act of 2019 (H.R. 366)

Eliminates cost-sharing for insulin for people in Medicare and Medicaid. The bill has been sent to a Committee for review.  We are monitoring its progress and will notify advocates when the time comes to raise their voice.


Need immediate help?

If you're struggling right now to get the insulin you need or know someone who is, ADA can help.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is this platform?

Bills coming out of Washington are often pretty complicated. This platform makes it easy to understand how new bills impact Americans living with diabetes. We highlight the bills that will help our community thrive so you can contact your representatives in Washington directly to tell them these bills are important to you and our community.

Why did you create this platform?

It builds on ADA’s history of teaching others about the needs of Americans with diabetes, and goes a step further to make it easier to take action. We score the bills, and then you let your representatives know how their decisions on those bills can help.

Why is this important now?

Elected officials in Washington are debating ways to make healthcare and prescription drugs more affordable. We want the diabetes community to have a voice in the conversations. The Platform is a megaphone to make sure that our voice is heard.

Why the change?

Today there are over 34 million Americans living with diabetes. Together, we can shape the discussion in Washington and move toward a better future for everyone living with diabetes. The Platform makes it possible for us to focus on what will truly make an impact in driving toward that goal.

How does the scoring work?

The ADA scores each bill based on three basic questions that measure how it will actually help people living with diabetes. The scores will help you know which bills are best so that you can tell your state representatives.

Can I read the whole bill?

We provide links to the full bills, but you can also find the full text of any bill on congress.gov.