One Teen's Story

July 01, 2019

One Teen's Story

A1C and eAG

Being a teenager is hard enough, but throw in being diagnosed with diabetes and you have a special challenge.

Here’s one teen’s personal story from The Type 1 Diabetes Self-Care Manual by Jamie Wood, MD and Anne Peters, MD.

Confidence and courage

After graduating college, just over two years from being diagnosed, I started working as an investment banking analyst at a major global financial institution. I wanted to prove to myself that I could manage diabetes and succeed in one of the most stressful job environments there is for a college graduate, working long hours, having to meet tough deadlines, and often having to manage ridiculous expectations from bosses.

Perhaps without diabetes, I would have never had the drive and courage to pursue a career like this. And for that I have T1D to thank.

Knowing that I am successfully managing this disease has given me confidence and courage, has increased my-self-esteem, and has also often served as an ego check to remind me that I am human when I feel unstoppable.

—Jose Harari Uziel, 24, lives in Mexico City and works in investment banking