Get and Stay Fit

Get and Stay Fit

It’s a great time to get moving.

Getting in shape shouldn’t feel like a chore. Find activities you love and you’ll feel better before you know it.

Start slow, move steady.

If it’s been awhile since you really got moving, that’s ok. The key is to start out slowly. Light activities like walking are usually a safe bet, but you can always ask your doctor what might be best for you. Learn how to move safely, and then stick with it.  

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Find the type 1 balance

If you’re living with type 1, you probably know that extra considerations are needed when you exercise. Because you have to balance insulin doses with the food you eat and your activity level, it’s important to plan ahead and know your body’s typical response to exercise.

Stay in the game

Starting a new exercise plan is one thing. Sticking with it can be a whole different story. Get the tips you need to stay motivated along the way, no matter what hurdle you may face.

Smash those barriers

It’s easy to come up with reasons for not exercising. And the list might be longer than we care to admit. Check out some common barriers and learn how to stop them from holding you back. Sometimes all it takes is a good strategy.

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Eat to win, every day.

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