Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination

People with diabetes sometimes face discrimination in the workplace. Learn more about what constitutes workplace discrimination, what rights you have and how to take action to stop discrimination.

The American Diabetes Association has a four step approach to ending discrimination: educate, negotiate, litigate, legislate. In the employment setting, educating your employer about your diabetes can be a particularly useful way to meet your diabetes care needs at work.

Your Rights on the Job

What laws protect me from discrimination? What is a qualified individual with a disability? Find information about your rights on the job here.

Additional Materials

Resources you can use to advocate for yourself in your workplace.

For Employers

Learn ways to accommodate your employees' diabetes and find resources to assist you in understanding how to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Explore: Employment Discrimination

  • Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

    What are reasonable accommodations? What accommodations do people with diabetes need? Find information about your right to workplace accommodations here.

  • Getting a Job

    Do I have to tell my employer about my diabetes? Are there any jobs that are off-limits? Find information about pre-employment issues here.

  • Employment Examinations

    Is my employer allowed to ask me questions about my diabetes or force me to take a physical examination? Do I need a certain A1C level to do my job? Find information about your rights with regard to employment examinations

  • Termination

    Find information about what to do if you've been terminated from your job because of diabetes.

  • Medical Leave

    Am I entitled to medical leave to take care of my diabetes? What protections does the Family Medical Leave Act provide me?

  • Fire Fighters and Diabetes Discrimination

    Learn about national guidelines for fire fighters with diabetes

  • Law Enforcement Officers and Diabetes Discrimination

    Learn about national guidelines for law enforcement officers with diabetes.

  • Commercial Driver's License

    Information on special rules that apply to commercial drivers with diabetes.

  • Pilots and Diabetes Discrimination

    People with diabetes can do anything anyone else can do, but some laws restrict pilots with diabetes from operating planes in certain circumstances. Learn about the rights of pilots with diabetes.

  • Safety Issues

    What does "direct threat" mean? Can I be fired for having hypoglycemia on the job? Find information about common safety issues on the job here.