Communication & Engagement Platform

Communication & Engagement Platform

A clear new framework to help patients understand & engage.

Introducing the communications and engagement platform for insulin and drug affordability  

The ADA has created a commonsense framework to demystify the political rhetoric of drug pricing policy for the diabetes community. Why? Because, our goal is bringing patients directly to the solutions. We’re giving them tools so they can understand the insulin and prescription drug affordability conversation, so that they, their families and their health care providers understand the options on the table. This platform will enable them to engage directly with their elected officials, so they can be heard on the solutions that make the most sense.  This platform included three central questions that should be asked of every proposal that federal and state policymakers offer up, because we know that they are not all created equal. 

Does the policy lower the cost of insulin and other drugs for people living with diabetes? 

Does the policy eliminate barriers people with diabetes face to getting insulin and other drugs? 

Does the policy promote competition and innovation in the parts of the healthcare system that must be sustained? 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the new Platform?

A: The Platform is a benchmark. It’s a tool powered by 3 simple questions to ask to decide whether a new bill or idea from Washington benefits Americans living with diabetes. 

Q: What’s the point?

A: Too often, what happens in Washington is too complicated. The Platform is designed to break things down so that it’s easy to know when and how new bills impact Americans living with diabetes.

Q: How is it different from what came before?

A: The ADA is proud of our history of teaching others about the needs of Americans with diabetes. This is a foundation we are building on. The Platform gives the community a benchmark to judge new laws. Lawmakers should know exactly how their decisions help or hurt Americans with diabetes.

Q: Why the change?

A: Today there are 30 million Americans living with diabetes. Together, we can shape the discussion in Washington and move toward a better future for everyone living with diabetes. The Platform makes it possible for us focus on what will truly make an impact in driving toward that goal.

Q: Why now?

A: Elected officials in Washington are debating ways to make healthcare, including many of the drugs Americans with diabetes rely on, more affordable. We want the diabetes community to have a voice in the conversations. The Platform is a megaphone to make sure that voice is heard.

Q: How does it work?

A: The ADA will grade a bill by how it answers three basic questions. Those questions are a barometer for how well a bill ensures that Americans with diabetes have access to quality and innovative drugs they can afford. If a bill doesn’t improve cost, access, and quality then it is not likely to receive a high score. The score will help you to decide what matters most to you and use that knowledge to make an impact in Washington.

Q: What does it mean for me?

A: The Platform is an easy guide for how a bill would affect Americans with diabetes. You can use it to talk to your representatives in Washington. You can have a say if a bill becomes law. 

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